Curriculum Specialist

Melissa Williamson

Melissa is Project Manager for Frog Street Press and a faculty member of The University of Texas at San Antonio. Some career attributes include Child Development Associate Credential Instructor, Head Start Director of Curricula & Service Design, and Master Trainer for the Texas Early Childhood System. She led the team that achieved NAEYC accreditation for the first San Antonio Head Start programs. Melissa has a Masters in Education and completed her training in family engagement from the Harvard University Graduate School of Education.

Academic Director

Wendy Watson

Wendy has over three decades of experience working in ECE professional development. For 17 years she worked for the American Head Start program and has been early childhood faculty at Prescott College in Arizona as well as a number of community colleges. Ms. Watson is an expert on the relationship between early brain development and learning of young children. Wendy holds a Bachelor of Arts in Secondary Education from Lawrence University, an Early Childhood Certificate, and Master’s degree in Education from Northern Arizona University.

Course Instructor

Conor Watson

Conor Watson is a graduate of Prescott College and Eastern Arizona Colleg where he received his undergraduate degree in Human Developmental Psychology. He has more than seven years of teaching experience with ages ranging from 2 1⁄2 -adults and also performs music professionally. He previously spent 5 years working in Montessori Kindergartens where he received professional training and development. He utilized his music talents to enrich the learning environment for his students. During this time he also organized volunteer groups to assist at local orphanages and schools for underprivileged children.